My New Year Resolutions: This year I will…

Happy New Year

Learning everyday feels great, even if it is very little, I like the sense of accomplishment it lends me. That is how I spent the best part of the day, learning Javascript.

While that was productive, the rest of the day was quite refreshing and relaxed. I can already feel it in my bones that this new year is going to be  totally awesome.

And, What better way to end the first day of this new year than to list and evaluate my new year resolutions for 2014. Although am not usually a “new-year-resolution” sort of person, I thought I will do it this time for fun and find out what I wanted to accomplish in this new year out of the top of my head in 5 minutes. It goes like this,¬†

    1. Take Better Care Of Me and Mine.
    2. Learn something new everyday and Help others learn.
    3. Embrace Failure. I will not be afraid to make mistakes or accept it.
    4. Perfect & Streamline a productive workflow.
    5. Unclutter everything starting from my inbox.
    6. Complete Front-end Web Development Course with ThinkFul.
    7. Learn Responsive Mobile first design.
    8. Use Better Programming Practices.
    9. Design and Code my first WordPress theme.
    10. Create & Build my portfolio.
    11. Improve design skills.
    12. Exercise my left brain with lots of Creative thinking.
    13. Read atleast one book which is not in the category of novel or technology.
    14. Indulge in Macro Photography
    15. Take at least 2 vacations from everything.

I think this is a pretty impressive list of achievable things to come up in just 5 minutes and I hope to have fun checking them off this year.

Looking back on 2013 and looking forward to 2014, beyond this list of resolutions, I have figured out what I want out of my life. It is a very simple list of just the following 3 things in increasing order of priority,

    1. Form Productive Habits,
    2. Learn More &
    3. Be happy.

So, What do you think? Did you make any resolutions today? Let me know by commenting below or tweet me.