Mission Jott.ly Accomplished!

As mentioned in the last post I spent the last week coding Jott.ly and completing the remaining sections on the Roadmap.

It has been deployed and pushed to Github. The links for Jottly are as below,

Do let me know what you think in the comments below.


  • My biggest challenge was to make the best use of the skeleton framework and making sure it was resposive.
  • I found that spending 2 days for a quick study and practice was more efficient than trying to learn as you code.
  • I have never had trouble with breaking big puzzles/problems and solving them one piece at a time and I found that to be particularly useful while coding.
  • Extensive testing and iterating is a must.

Resources that helped me this week,

I always revisit these articles on CSS positioning and floats,

I found a cool plugin to create favicons from the photoshop rather than doing it via an online service.

If you are unable to upload images to your ghost blog in digital ocean, this might help.

Study Report

07/06/14 to 20/06/14

Study Report

I have completed all the learning sections in the Roadmap as of yesterday. Mike and I had a discussion on which one to start and am very excited. Details in the next post!

Until then, Happy hacking.. 🙂