Infographics – What is it?

I just love those beautiful infographics that keeps popping up everywhere, which led me to this inevitable question.

So, What is an Infographic? Is it as simple as a graphic of information? It is.. at least visually. After some reading and research, my simple mind has interpreted infographics as,

An Infographic is a fun and quick way of learning about something. It comprises of a balanced combination of graphics, data and text making it a quick reference on a topic. It is a visual representation of complex data. In this era of big data, creating infographics is a great method to understand this data and share the message in a way which is easy to grasp.

I came across the following infographic at Customer Magnetism Blog.. I hope you will find this interesting..

What is Infogrphics?

Hope you enjoyed that. If you would like to see more, Try my pinboard on infographic love or just do a google search on infographics and you will be amazed at the number of results returned.

I think it is worth mentioning that I got the opportunity to attend a data visualization workshop organized by the State Library of Queensland’s Edge  last week. I will share the highlights from the course in my next post. Until then.. Happy Coding 🙂