It’s Hot or Cold Game Time!

Is it Hot or Cold?

No, am not talking about the temperature. Though I should add, it is much cooler compared to the last two weeks, thanks to the thunderstorm last week.

Oh, and there was this beautiful double rainbow. By the time I recovered from the magic of the rainbow and realized I should have captured that moment, it was gradually receding and I could barely see the second rainbow.

Rainbow after Brisbane Storm

Coming back to the title, Hot or Cold is a Number Guessing Game Project which I have just completed as part of my ThinkFul Front-End Web Development Course.

Hot or Cold Game

With 2014 (Have you read about my new year resolutions yet?), my learning at Thinkful has progressed on from Cloning with HTML5 & CSS3 to Gaming with jQuery & javascript.

I am very excited to introduce you to my Hot or Cold Game v3.4 (Version 3.4? yep, it underwent 3 iterations starting with just basic functionality, then design and finally improving the functionality based on the design).

Hot or Cold ThinkFul Game App

You can look through the code at my Thinkful git repo or play the game at the Hot or Cold project page.

So, What do you think? Of course, there is room for a lot of improvement starting with the logic, responsiveness, etc., But am just happy with it for starters and hope to do a lot better in the next project.

Until then, Happy Coding! 🙂