Hello, World!

I love new beginnings filled with fresh hope, vision and direction. And, this is a new beginning, for me.

Let me tell you a small story. (Statutory Warning: This will be a very boring, not so brief recap of my life.)

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who loved colours, design and anything beautiful. She loved learning new things and exploring new places. So, Wanting to stretch her wings, she travelled to a new country in search of new experiences and education. She enrolled for a Masters degree in Professional computing. Unfortunately, her studies were inclined more towards management than Coding or Design which were the two things she loved doing. She graduated with distinction, travelled to Brisbane, met the most incredible guy on the earth and fell in love. There was simply no reason to wait and they decided to get married.

This is when she wanted to have a web invitation for her wedding. She spent hours looking into customizable wedding sites, templates and such. Nothing was comparable to her vision. So, she designed, coded, did it herself.. and, that’s when she felt an inexplicable ting (light bulb moment). It rekindled her love for coding and designing.

I love seeing the website taking shape as I code. And the thrill of debugging the errors and making the program work was something I loved even more. I decided to use my free time to learn web development and design. I know some HTML5, CSS3, and little JavaScript but, what I needed was a clear roadmap. So, I ended up spending endless hours finding out what a web developer should know. I made a rough road map for myself. But then, fitting learning in b/w love, work and work-related learning requires effort. a lot of superwoman efforts! I started using my design skills in my work to create magazines, quick user guides, posters, presentations and prezis.

Meanwhile, I never stopped looking into what was new. What developer geniuses around the world were achieving. Being an avid Googler, every search led me into new avenues and new possibilities and in turn made me more impatient (Did you know? Being impatient for action is one of my strengths. We will get into that in the future posts.)

So, I have started putting everything in perspective and have revised my roadmap. (I will share this with you in the next post.) And, when I am halfway through learning web development. I should be able to create my own WordPress theme for my blog. (This awesome theme am using right now is called Ryu and was developed by Auttomatic.)

I have made the decision to share my learning outcomes, inspirations, musings, resources I use, etc.. through this blog. I just suppose this will keep me honest and on my toes to learn the right things in the right way because I assume you will shout out if am taking the wrong step.

Any advice and feedback are welcome. You can use the comments section if it is relevant. But, If you want to just connect & say hi, please email me at hello[at]jeyakarthika[dot]com or you can also tweet me [at]ItsJkTweeting.