FAQ about my BLOC Apprenticeship

I have been frequently asked about my BLOC apprenticeship and recently Alyssa Brown asked me some brilliant questions that everyone should be asking. So, with her consent, I decided to publish them here to help more people.

What time frame did you take the class 12, 18 or 36 weeks?
Started with 12 and quickly realized I needed to take this slow, esp. because I was working fulltime and was new to design.

Did you think communication between your mentor and yourself was easily accessible?
yes. Compared to programming, in design there are multiple ways a single thing could be designed and you always have google as your friend. I mostly tried to keep the questions listed until my session. There were a couple of times i needed immediate answers, and my mentor was always prompt in replying. And esp. with a fulltime eng. job, i have had to miss classes. he has had to miss classes. we will both work around our schedules. Mike was always flexible.

What was the hardest part about the class or maybe your biggest hurdle?
Hard part is even though you want the career change and you wanted to do this course, there will always be occasions when you will hit an all time low. You will have to pull through those times to make it. Its not a smooth road when you are juggling family, job and learning, but keep the eyes on the prize. It is worth it.

Can creative blocks be a hurdle in a class like this?
yes and no. yes when you are dabbling on it and think of it as an artsy creative work. yes it needs some creativity, but at the core UX design is about problem solving. Read this:https://deardesignstudent.com/stop-looking-for-the-inspiration-fairy-4f5e3dbfc69d

Anything you would improve on this course?
I think my feedback after the course has been taken into account and the syllabus has been altered to help the students practice user research and testing.

What was your experience like before this course?
Masters Grad in Comp Sci. 3 years experience as Systems Engineer in Sharepoint (Microsoft Tech)

Was there anytime you felt like you were taking in too much information that you could not handle?
Many times. Thats when I withdraw and unwind if I have time or just move away from the space am working in. You will have to remind yourself that Every designer was once an amateur.

What makes this program stand out compared to others?
Online. Experienced Mentors willing to impart knowledge not just on the syllabus content but their workflow, freelance life, career growth, using design tools, etc.. Small but good community, Free adobe access for the length of your course and other design tool offers, solid syllabus, and job prep.

If you need to know more about my experience and have questions like should I choose BLOC, would online schools suit me, etc.. I have written an in-depth review on my experience with BLOC and Thinkful here.