Being a UX designer, much of my day is filled with talking, writing and wireframing to the point where I can go days and sometimes weeks before I do any visual design. So, I decided to take part in the #dailyui challenge in my spare time to learn and hone my UI design skills.

Reflecting on the 14 days of #dailyui, I think I was able to hit the 3 goals I was after.

  1. Having used sketch since I started learning UX more than a year ago, I lost touch with photoshop. So, on this project with the exception of the app icon on day 5, I have used photoshop to do the designs and have now become confident and familiar with photoshop again.
  2. I recently bought a wacom tablet to replace my mouse. And after 10 years of mouse handling, using a pen and tablet just feels very foreign. So,I used my intuos pro instead of the apple mouse for the UI designing and I must say it is a lot easier on your wrists once you get used to it.
  3. Practice visual composition and color harmony. As a ux designer I don’t get to dabble in visual design much.. so, for me it was very much gratifying to design everyday.

Even though I am hitting all the 3 goals, I think I will stop here with this challenge. While I have enjoyed designing for the pure pleasure of it, what nags me is that in a true sense, this kind of design without limitations and thought to users is not reality.

As a UX designer, I think about users whenever I approach any design challenge. But when time was limited it was difficult to do so. And the result on those days, I think was purely eye candy as opposed to a useful interface. While this is not really bad as I was after mastering my tools, I think I could put my time to better use by hacking and designing some of my ideas which are sleeping as trello cards.

So folks, its a wrap. You can enjoy the results of my 14 days of #dailyui below, on instagram or dribbble. Also, do check out what other designers are doing with this #dailyui challenge on dribbble and twitter. You will see some brilliant work out there by searching for hashtag #dailyui.


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