What most schools don’t teach?

Going through my friend Tracy’s Blog, I came across this awesome video made by Code.Org which tells the world what most schools don’t teach! I think it is completely ironic that, when every walk of life is being empowered by computers, websites, apps and smartphones, the schools, at least most of them do not teach the students how to code!

My first encounter with a computer was in my mid-school. We used to have a half-hour every week for non-academic learning. Since my class had around 50 people, we were divided in to 3 groups – one for the computer room, one for the library, and the last for playing chess, scrabbles, etc.. So, on an average, we used to have the opportunity of 3 to 4 hours with computers for the whole year. In case some staff was not able to complete their syllabus, they will use this “wonder” hour to complete it. And if we do get the opportunity, all we used to do was play hidden object games on the computer! But, every minute of those hours were absolute treasures to me at that age!!

To me, Computer was indeed a wonder box! But, when I completed high school, I already knew computers were going to be an integral part of our lives. And, that is when I decided to do my bachelors in computer science. I do think, that was one of the best decisions I have made till date.

Code.org has this amazing vision “Every student in every school should have the opportunity to learn to code”. I really wish my school had taught me to code, just like they taught me to read and write..

I always believe that,

It is never too late to be what you might have been. ~ George Eliot

And, tend to live by that. Though, I already know how to code (Yes! I know C, C++, some .NET and some more Java.. God, I do love bragging, don’t I? :)), I want to be able to create awesome websites and more awesome apps for your smartphone and web. That is the mission, should I choose to accept it.. 🙂