Code Conquest

If you are anything like me and want to become a web developer, I have a very valuable resource to suggest.. Code Conquest. The author, Charles is a self-taught programmer with a vision to make Code Conquest into a “premier resource” for people who want to learn to code either as a hobby or to become a programmer.

The website points you to quality books and online resources to learn programming. He recommends treehouse and has done a very comprehensive review about it, which will show you why it is a very good resource. He also has comprehensive tutorials to get you stated on languages like HTML, CSS, javascript, PHP, Binary Coding etc..

I found two articles more useful to me. The one about “Programming Projects” gives you some guidelines to create your own programming projects and the second one is a step-by-step action plan on “How to become a Web developer in 6 months?“.

Code Conquest provides a subscription service which will deliver new resources added to the site, programming news, training resources and reviews, coder success stories and a programming related quotation of the week every Wednesday straight to your inbox!

So, What are you waiting for? Subscribe and Start Coding like a Pro!