BLOC: week 1

Last week was one of the busiest week ever in my life. Lots of exciting things happened..

  • Organized the first Sunday Coder Club meetup in Brisbane at the River City Labs.
  • Gave a talk on my graduate experience with Dimension Data at the Graduate Conference in Sydney.
  • Was offered to lead the technology side of a startup, which I had to regretfully turn down.
  • Organized a Ruby on Rails Study Group.
  • Took on an exciting side-project, details coming soon.

And, to top it all, my UX design journey kicked off on 26th May, 2014 with BLOC and Mike Dekker as my Mentor. I am super excited about this.

Study Report

26/05/14 to 1/06/14

With J. Terrell Allen‘s suggestion I started using Toggl to track my time and it clearly shows that I need to spend more time on the course than Meetups. Especially with a full-time job, I need to start managing my time in a better fashion.

Bloc Study Report