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Don’t make me think: Revisited

Originally Published on UX Book Reviews on August 16th, 2015. “Don’t make me think – Revisited” hasn’t changed much from its first edition published 15 years back. Everything Krug wrote in 2001 has still stayed relevant… Continue reading


Quotes inspire, motivate and make you think. They shift your perspective on matters and beliefs. Because we respect experience the wisdom resulting from the same, we tend to value their words and follow them. Quotes have never failed… Continue reading

About Me

Hi there, I’m a product designer/user experience practitioner who crafts delightful visual experiences for mobile/web that empower and engage the users. I love using the right balance of shape, colour, typography and whitespace to create… Continue reading

Sutra, PitchMojo & Graduation

The past few months has been an awesome journey with my Mentor Mike Dekker and BLOC. I have graduated from my UX Design apprenticeship with BLOC. Woohoo!