30mins Challenge

Just a small challenge I gave myself, to create something for fun with just 30 minutes everyday for a week.


Day #1 – Tools

Every design starts in the paper and I have been trying to practice skectching everyday. So, started my challenge with this simple illustration of my tools.

Day #1


Day #2 – Silhoutte

Shadow is my 7 month old german sheperd puppy who is an integral part of our life. He is such a softie. And, he has a glorious black coat so thought it was fitting to make a silhoutte illustration of him.

Day #2


Day #3 – Coffee Cup

Not a caffeine addict but my day starts with a cup of (not always) perfectly brewed coffee.

Day #3


Day #4 – Fire

Always wanted to capture flame in camera but for the moment in the canvas.

Day #4


Day #5 – Box

Just a plain brown cardboard box I had to save from shadow.

Day #5


Day #6 – Mail

I love mail as long as it is not another bill. 🙂

Day #6


Day #7 – Light Bulb

Doing this challenge everyday gave me more ideas to work on and has increased my confidence with illustrating elements in a simple, beautiful and flat fashion.

Day #7

What do you think?

I know there is room for improvement in spades but, I loved every second of the 30 minutes mainly because I just wanted to create, practice and have fun doing it.

Have you done something similar? Share it in the comments below or feel free to hit me up on twitter.